2019 PSDA Officers

List below are our year 2019 officers. If you would like to send an email message, just click on their name

Roger Walker , Co-President, Phone: 425-764-5855

Colin Walker, Co-President, Phone: 425-269-8182

Rosemary Freeman, Vice-President, Phone: 425-885-2824
Don Coombs, Secretary, Phone: 425-747-0743
Brad Freeman, Treasurer, Phone: 425-885-2824
Anne Maria Jacobsen, Trustee, Phone: 206-618-0181
Lani Talbot, Trustee, Phone: 206-324-5068
Colin McMullin, Trustee, Phone: 425-228-4915
Linda Cles, Trustee, Phone: 206-363-9571
Susan Dier, Trustee, Phone: 206-234-7124
Dave Blackmer, Trustee, Phone: 425-481-5240
Jeff Sandys, Past President, Phone: 206-546-8507

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