PSDA 2018 Digital Image Competition


Get your digital cameras into the dahlia garden, yours or others, and capture the beauty of dahlias. The entries are digital only with two divisions, *amateur,* and *open*. The classes will be the same for both divisions, just as in the dahlia shows.  Check the ADS website for more opportunities to compete with your images.


Amateur division:                 The amateur division is open to those who have not entered more than three previous PSDA photo competitions.  An amateur may not be a professional photographer or photography instructor.  (Division “A”)


Open division:          The open division can be entered by anyone, but is mandatory for those who have entered more than three PSDA competitions. Entrants shall enter only one division and not split entries.  (Division “P”)


Image classes:           All photos may be cropped or adjusted for brightness and contrast. 


1.         New Introductions or undisseminated dahlias—images of single or multiple dahlias of a single variety.  Your focus is on the dahlia form and color.

2.         Dahlia Portraits—any single dahlia of a named variety; petals should not extend beyond the picture edge.  Dahlia varieties must be identified.

3.         Two or more blooms of one or more dahlia varieties—images may be taken in portrait form, in the garden, in bouquets, buckets, vases or other locations. Your focus is the dahlias.

4.         Dahlia gardens; images of gardens, not individual blooms; the dahlia garden is the focus of the image.  Individuals may be present in the image.

5.         Dahlia shows, club activities, dahlia culture and dahlia personalities involved in these activities. Good photos may reflect a story or activity.

6.         Close-up or macro of dahlia bloom: this includes photographs where petals extend beyond the edge of the photograph.  Macro photos focus on a portion of the dahlia where form and balance are expressed in the image.

7.         Dahlias in another setting, not the garden or the show—be creative!  Place your dahlia(s) in a setting where it catches the imagination. Images may be described as a “still-life” that includes dahlia(s) or an image taken outside of club activities such as the Pike Place Market, a table setting including dahlias or a wedding bouquet.      

8.         Artistic impression, original or enhanced—an enhanced image is one that is altered in creative ways.  If you apply filters, change colors, cut and paste, or in any other way change your photo, it belongs in this category. Remember: photos in this category do not need to be enhanced.  Any original photo which creates an artistic impression with little or no manipulation is also desired.  Digitally enhanced images must still reflect an image of a dahlia(s).

9.         Dahlia garden visitors—children and critters in the dahlia garden or seen with dahlias.  


Contest Rules


1.         The competition is open to members of the Puget Sound Dahlia Association, the Federation of Northwest Dahlia Growers and guests invited by the PSDA Board.

2.         Only digital media on a CD or thumb drive with a “.jpg’ extension will be accepted. Images must be taken during either the currant or previous growing season.

3.         Images may not have been submitted to previous years’ photo contests or have won another Federation club or ADS photo contest previous years.

4.         Image must be representative of the entered class, and dahlias must predominate in all but class 5 (club activities) and class 9 photographs.

5.         All images must be given file names that include division, class and photo name.  An example would be: A4 Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden. Insert a space between the image class number and the image name.  The file name should be descriptive of the photo;  do not use numerical identification except for “Class 1” when the image has no name.  Do not use punctuation marks or any other system that might set your photos apart from the other entries.  When judged, photos are anonymous.  Do not use file names generated by your camera.

6.       A list of entries, preferably in electronic Excel format, must be received with your CD, DVD or thumb drive .  In 2018 downloading your images to a google drive will also be acceptable.  This list must contain your name and personal contact information, division and a list of images by “image class” containing your jpg image file name.  If the file name of the image does not directly reflect the “dahlia name”, please include it as well.  Note the example of an appropriate file name given below.  


Example of List in Excel (Please submit in digital format if possible).




Phone Number:


Class number

Image Name  (maximum length 30 characters)

Dahlia Name


Tacoma Trial Garden seedling

Seedling  #63, 2014


Visiting Pooh and Tigger

Pooh, Tigger


Beauty in the sunshine

Snoho Beauty











7.       Any images received that are not given proper file names will only be submitted to “the best of the rest section of the side show and not the competition section. 

8.       DO NOT include your name in the image title, only on the printed list and written on your CD or thumb drive.

9.       Digital images will be judged on photographic excellence, not the condition of the bloom(s).

10.    Entrants may submit a maximum of five images per class.

11.    Any image that is placed in the wrong class will be disqualified.

12.    Digitally enhanced images may only be entered in class 8, Artistic Impression.

13.    The photographer grants PSDA a non-exclusive license to use and reproduce the submitted photographic images for club publications, sales and activities.  Copies may be made part of the PSDA image library.  The photographer    

14.            retains the copyright for the photographic images.

15.    Where needed, permission for publication should be granted by the “model” when submitting photographic images that may be used in future publications.

16.    Prizes in each division and class: $15 First Place, $10 Second Place, $5 Third Place, plus Honorable Mention awards, and keeping for one year, the Perpetual Crystal Vase for Best in Show. 

All entries must be received by the contest chairman no later the third week of November (PSDA meeting night). An earlier date is very helpful.  If you are unable to attend you may mail your CD, DVD or thumb drive.  Please notify the contest chairman by email of the date you placed the CD in the mail.  Your email will be acknowledged when your CD, DVD or thumb drive is received.


Linda Cles

823 NE 117 St.                         

Seattle, WA 98125